wasting time ... further tales of physics, lust and greed

When time travelers fail test after test to significantly alter the past, most financial backers abandon the Global Research Consortium leaving veteran traveler Marta Hamilton to administer a vastly scaled-down project. She must protect the past from a greedy future, fend off political meddling, and foil a murder plot originating in a parallel universe. She presides over a conspiracy to hide the truth of her best friend’s death while coping with a confusing and discomforting romantic entanglement involving fellow traveler Marshall Grissom.

Marta, who has by professional necessity always distanced herself from emotional commitment, lapsed by allowing herself the luxury of friendship with Sheila Schuler and a night of wild sex with Marshall. Now, Sheila is probably dead, and—according to a genius physicists’ theory—Marshall soon will be. As she assumes her role as administrator of the time travel program, Marta must choose between the risks of loving someone, or the lonely safety of emotional solitude.

(No cats were harmed in the telling of this story.)

Mike Murphey

taking time ... a tale of physics, lust and greed

section roads

The year is 2044. The setting a secret complex beneath the eastern Arizona desert. A consortium of governments and corporations have combined in a program on the scale o the Manhattan Project to bludgeon the laws of physics into submission and make time travel a reality.

Rife with insecurity, Marshall Grissom has spent his whole life trying not to call attention to himself, so he can't imagine he would be remotely suited to the role of time travel pioneer. He's even less enthusiastic about this corporate time-travel adventure when he learns that nudity is a job requirement. The task would better match the talents of other candidates, like the smart and beautiful Sheila Schuler, or the bristle-tough and rattlesnake-mean Marta Hamilton. The three are among a hundred candidates bying to comprise the first traveling team.

As the project evolves into a clash between science and corporate greed, problems escalate. Those contributing the funding are mostly interested in manipulating time travel for profit, and will stop at nothing, including murder.

section roads

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When attorney Cullen Molloy attends his fortieth high school reunion, he doesn’t expect to be defending childhood friends against charges of murder…


In a small town on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, life and culture are shaped by the farm roads defining the 640-acre sections of land homesteaders claimed at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Cullen and Shelby Blaine explore first love along these section roads during the 1960’s, forging a life-long emotional bond.


As junior high school band nerds, Cullen and Shelby fall under the protection of football player and loner, Buddy Boyd. During their sophomore year of high school, Buddy is charged with killing a classmate and is confined to a youth correctional facility. When he returns to town facing the prospect of imprisonment as an adult, Cullen becomes Buddy’s protector.


The case haunts the three friends into adulthood, and it isn’t until their fortieth reunion, that they’re forced to revisit that horrible night. When a new killing takes place, Cullen, Shelby and Buddy find themselves reliving the nightmare.


Murder is an easy thing to hide along old country section roads.

"SECTION ROADS from author Mike Murphey is a funny, heartbreaking, and poignant coming of age tale. A nerd destined to practice law, a loner athlete accused of killing a classmate, a prospective CIA operative, and an intelligent beauty with uncommon spirit bond in high school, experience episodes of estrangement as all of their lives unfold, and finally reunite for their 40th high school reunion. Once again, accusations of murder abound. These accusations serve to strengthen their already unbreakable bond as they seek the identity of the killer in a viscerally satisfying, roller coaster ride of a novel. A five-star achievement by the author. Highly recommend!" 

- Author Laura Taylor - 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner

the conman...a baseball odyssey

     Conor Nash has lived his life with a single purpose—to pitch in the Major Leagues. He’s been released from professional baseball contracts ten times over a sixteen-year career, but he’s overcome every obstacle to finally reach The Show when he’s a decade too old. 

As he faces the specter of injury-forced retirement, he becomes a man neither he nor his wife recognizes. During his career, Conor avoided the trap of alcohol and drugs because his drug was baseball. And what can an addict do when he realizes he will never get that high again? 

Conor climbs treacherous Camelback Mountain, drinks a bottle of Champagne, recalls people and events, and seeks an answer. Who is Conor Nash if he can’t pitch?

                The Conman is based on the Life of Keith Comstock. Keith pitched professionally for sixteen years, including Major League time with The Seattle Mariners, the San Diego Padres, the San Francisco Giants and the Minnesota Twins. Following his retirement in 1992, Keith has held minor league coaching and managing positions with several organizations.  For the past decade he has served as the rehabilitation coordinator for the Texas Rangers. 

"The Conman is a truly enjoyable fictional retelling of a true story. From the highs (being signed with amazing teams, marriage, loyal friends) to the lows (being released from contracts with amazing teams, relationship difficulties, losing loved ones to illness),Murphey and Comstock really encapsulate the human experience from an athlete'sperspective." - Five Star Review by Indies Today

The Conman Audio Book, narrated by Steve Carlson, is now available on both Audible and Amazon